May 31, 2011

More Hawaii Highlights

We've been back from vacation for over a week now, but between unpacking, laundry, and catching up on orders/emails I haven't had a chance to go through our photos until now.  We had such a great time in Hawaii and are already trying to figure out how soon we can return. Coming back to the cold and rainy weather in Utah has been a bit depressing!

These photos are from our time on Oahu. We had an awesome time there, but Big Island will probably always be our favorite...


Amanda said...

Lindsay--Look at that sunset! (well, of course you did, you took the picture.) It's simply amazing!

Love the one of you and the husband on the cliffs--I bet the picture doesn't do it justice!

Kathlyn Osmond said...

Happy that you had a great time! What a darling family! I love all your photos.

zhing said...

wow! hawaii looks beautiful! :) im headed there for our summer vacation too!

can't wait! :)

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