August 23, 2011

Recent Custom Orders

I get requests for custom orders almost daily.  Most customers want to match my prints to a bedding set.   I love doing these orders because the customer seems to always end up happy.  Putting together a nursery can be a lot of work, and being able to find some art that matches can be a big relief!

I do quite a few custom orders each week, but I thought I'd share these few recent ones with you:

Dwell Studio Zinnia Rose Bedding
Shown with Alphabet Soup & Number Jumble

Serena and Lily Kate Bedding
Shown with Alphabet Soup & Number Jumble

Restoration Hardware Flax Stripe Bedding
Shown with Alphabet Soup & Number Jumble

Restoration Hardware Belgian Linen Strip in Lilac
Shown with the Peaceful Tree Series 

Serena and Lily Ben Collection
Shown with Alphabet Soup and Mister Numbers

Please email me if you are interested in a custom order.

August 18, 2011

Real Nurseries

I'm so excited to share these two beautiful nurseries with you.  I love seeing my art hanging in a child's room, it is so rewarding!

This first nursery belongs to my dear friend Haley of over 20 years (oh my, I'm old!) and her beautiful baby Devery.  Haley is a seriously talented interior designer, as you can see from the photo below.  (I am in love with this nursery, if only I had a fraction of her talent!)  She sent me a photo of the nursery and I created the matching prints.  They are framed in white and sitting on the mantle.

This next photo is from Molly at My Happy House.  I just love the color scheme of this nursery.  In fact, this order was very memorable because I loved the colors she requested, and thought the finished product turned out so great.  So happy to be able to see the nursery the prints were made for!

If you have a room with art from Sugar Fresh that you would like to share, please email me at  It will make my day!

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