January 28, 2011

So Sweet

Here's a tip - don't browse the Food + Drink section on Pinterest when you're hungry. That's what I did earlier and I was pretty much drooling. I came across some pretty amazing looking desserts, wouldn't any one of these be perfect for v-day?

left to right


Diana Smith said...

WOW gorgeous pictures!! That website looks so fun!

Alexandria said...

I just stumbled across your Etsy/blog through Naomi's site, and I must say you are beyond talented. I love your prints. Such a fantastic blog!

Brown Family said...

I am in love. With 3 daughters, I need great ideas for home decor. Saw your ad on Naomi's blog.

Rebekah Griffin said...

I saw your pictures on RockStar and just love them!

Want to enter the drawing.

My heart goes out to little Molly. I'm a Rebekah and my husband is David and we just had our fifth child and first girl a year ago in December. It's so close to home--Do you know the family?

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Dont you just *love* pinterest??? It's fast becoming an obsession...(c: I should definitely *not* look at food on there when I'm hungry, everything looks too good!

I also wanted to let you know that I'm doing a post on my home with your prints in it and linking it back to you, love to give credit where credit is due! Thanks!!!

Kat said...

Those pictures are both lovely and delicious looking.

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