March 31, 2010

Weekend Project

I saw this idea here that I thought was brilliant. Say you have a few empty bottles lying around that you've been meaning to recycle. Why not turn them into pretty vases that match your decor? All you do is pour a little of your perfect paint color into the bottle and swirl it around until it coats the inside. Dry, and you're done! What I love about this idea is that it's super easy - which means I'm more likely to actually do it. Can't wait to try this out.

(Originally appeared Canadian House and Home and Real Living


brittany said...

What kind of paint?

Lindsay said...

The article doesn't specify, but I am assuming you could use just regular interior latex paint. I found a good how-to on Martha Stewart which says to use enamel paint:

Let me know how it goes if you try it!

brittany said...

Thanks Lindsay!

Did you see that I sent you an email?

Marcie, Ben, Presley, and Layla Cloud said...

What a cute idea. I might steal it when we move!

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