May 6, 2010

Big Move

Well, the time has come for us to say goodbye to our little house in Hilo.  In 2 short weeks we are leaving Hawaii and moving back to Utah.  We have loved our time in Hawaii and are very sad to go.  My husband has finished school, and we don't really have a choice but to move due to the lack of pharmacies here on the Big Island.  We both grew up in Utah so it will be nice to be near our families again.  Lily will love seeing her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, and I will love the many available baby-sitters!  I have a million things to do so I might close up the shop for awhile.  We'll see.  Wish us luck!


Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

Wow. That's a big move. I don't know if I would want to leave Hawaii. But being close to family is such a blessing.
Good luck!

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

My hubs and I are making a similar move in a week. . . Florida to Colorado. Except Florida is home for us, so we are moving away. Hope you have a safe move!

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