April 10, 2010

Pink Bird by Heather Brown

We just picked up this print from a little art gallery in Waikiki:  

I am a Heather Brown fan and just couldn't resist this lovely piece.

We are having a wonderful vacation so far, although it's going by way too fast.  Only a few more days in busy Honolulu before heading back to Hilo town.  It better not be raining when we get back... :)


Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

Oh, I like! I checked out her art - it is so great. My dad is from HI and I think he would enjoy her work.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.

Kate and Ryan said...

Unfortunately, it's been quite rainy the past few days. Hopefully it calms down before you get back from Honolulu! Glad you guys are having a great time! What a darling print!

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